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Have you always wanted to be the proud owner of a Leadmill VIP Card? Well now’s your chance!

Our VIP Cards entitle the owner to free entry to all of our club nights for an entire year plus queue jump for them and up to 5 friends. Quite the saving for the regular attendees amongst you.

Each year we give our customers the opportunity to bribe us to get hold of one, with our staff each listing their weird and wonderful requests.

All you need to do is come to The Leadmill with one of the items below from Monday-Friday 11am-5pm and the VIP Card will be yours. We’d advise dropping us a DM before you head down, just to make sure your item hasn’t already been bought.

We’ll update this page as soon as each request has been fulfilled.

There’s plenty of opportunities this year! Here they are –


Ian, our General Manager – We have a lonely, life-size cardboard cut-out penguin that lives in our office. Ian would like somebody to bring them a lady friend with an accompanying cinnamon scented candle.


Liam, our Marketing Manager, would like some Turnstile merch in size XXL, but nothing pink please as he doesn’t reckon he can pull it off.


Rose, our Head Of Programming, would like a lovely new plant for her desk (nothing too massive though).


Ben, our Live Promoter, is our resident goal scorer, so is after a pair of shin pads in size large.


Charl, our Club Promotions Manager, would like a pineapple plant in a cute plant pot.


Frazer, our Promotions Assistant, would simply love a copy of Doolittle by Pixies on vinyl.


George, our Events Promoter, would like something interesting to keep her desk tidy. She’s already got plenty of file racks, so something way better than that would fit the bill.


Millicent, our Events Promoter, is thinking practical but fun so would love a flashy light-up mouse mat or a collection of funky pens this year.


Mike, our Events Promoter, is also after a mouse mat, but he’d like his to feature a Lynx (The big cat, not the deodorant).


Toby, our Live Events Coordinator, is after a vinyl copy of Sound Of Silver by LCD Soundsystem.


Tom, our Events Promotions Assistant, would love a funky ceramic tiki mug.


Joe, our Live Events Coordinator, is tired of his grubby guitar strings, so will be jumping for joy to be bought a Thomman gift card.


Jacob, our Creative Media Coordinator, is a big pizza fan. So a gift voucher to his favourite spot Rudy’s Pizza on Division Street would be a dream.


Nev, our Security Superstar, would love a plain white clipboard, with some custom Nev themed artwork on the back.


Dan, our Engineer, would like two super fluffy, premium quality bath towels (brand new only please).


Chris, our Head Of Operations, is a big Prog Metal fan, so would love The Hirsch Effekt “SOLITAER & GREGÆR” LP-Bundle.


Matt, our Presentations Supervisor, is a keen golfer, so he’d kindly like a box of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls please (it must be these exact ones).


Niall, our Cellar Manager, has a challenge for the creative people out there! He’s requested a (physical) painting of Leadmill being attacked by Godzilla. Specifically the 1998 Godzilla starring Matthew Broderick. 


Matt, our Box Office and Finance Administrator, is on the lookout for a Classic Football Shirt in size Large, but he’d like to avoid any English teams as he already has one.


Red, our Comedy & LGBT+ Events Promoter, is on the hunt for a big Yankee Candle, but just not one that smells like vanilla.


And finally Mia, our Events Promotions Assistant, would love a giftcard for Urban Outfitters to pick up some new Winter garms.


Bribes for the entire office also include –

A years supply of Marshmallow Square Bars (40+ Multipacks)

25 cans of Red Bull & 25 cans of Sugar Free Red Bull

A visit from an unusual animal bigger than a dog (No reptiles please!)

Somebody to come in and draw caricatures of everybody on the list.

A visit from lots of Sausage Dog puppies.

A finger food buffet / fuddle for the entire office.

Absolutely ‘f**k loads’ of pigs in blankets & mini sausage rolls (cooked + including gravy).

A charcuterie care package for the office with an obscene amount of cured meats.


Plus, we’ll be giving away a Gold Card to anybody that decides to purchase everybody on this list something from the Gucci website or gets a full size Leadmill back piece tattoo.