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All of our events are to go ahead as scheduled unless otherwise advised. Public health is our top concern and we will follow any advice given from the relevant authorities. In the meantime, we ask that you wash your hands at every given opportunity and we also encourage contactless payments to reduce the risk with handling cash.

Our regular club nights are still happening as usual so if you’re itching to get out and have a bev or a boogie then join us down our place for a party on the weekend! Every Friday and Saturday, Everything Now and SONIC will continue to provide big tunes and the best drinks deals in town for the people of Sheffield to get down and shake off some steam.

We have had some live events reschedule or cancel and so we thought best to put these all in one easy to access place for you. Please see below for a full list of any changes to upcoming events:

Julian Cope > Cancelled
The Rifles > Postponed (8 Aug)
Tom Binns > Postponed (30 June)
M Huncho > Postponed (21 Sept)
Magnum > Postponed (Date TBA)
Jeffrey Martin & Anna Tivel > Cancelled
M Huncho > Postponed (21 Sep)
Midland > Postponed (19 Dec)
La Dispute > Postponed (Date TBA)
Adore Delano > Postponed (16 Nov)
Tommy Sandhu > Cancelled
Sports Team > Postponed (17 Jun)
Simon Brodkin > Postponed (24 Sept)
Enter Shikari > Cancelled
Ferocious Dog > Postponed (19 Sept)
Bec Hill > Postponed (30 Jul)
Pete McKee > Postponed (Date TBC)
Siobhan Phillips > Cancelled
The Hara > Postponed (Date TBC)
Bethany Black > Cancelled
Hands Off Gretel > Postponed (17 Oct)
Matt Forde > Postponed (6 Dec)
The Undertones > Postponed (21 Apr 21)
Rhys James > Postponed (14 Sep)
Iain Stirling > Postponed (29 Apr 21)
The Delightful Sausage > Cancelled
Bang bang Romeo > Postponed (2 Oct)
Levellers > Postponed (26 Sept)
Ren Harvieu > Postponed (23 Nov)
OctoberDrift>Postponed (15Oct)