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It’s that time of year again! We’re giving away some of our famous Leadmill VIP cards in exchange for some hefty bribes!

We’ve got a long list of requests from staff here at Leadmill Towers. Just bring in the item, and if it’s good, we’ll give you a VIP card (free entry to all of our regular club nights for the whole year!).

All you need to do is come to The Leadmill with one of the items below from Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. We’ll update this page as soon as each request has been fulfilled!



Ian our General Manager would like someone to come in and juggle for us here in the office.  Must be an ‘interesting and dangerous’ display – fire and/or knives would be a plus!

Josh our Engineer would ideally like to learn to surf but because we’re in… well, Sheffield, he’ll settle for something skateboard related!

Mamie our FOH and HR Manager is looking for a fun sassy hand-made graphic tee (size small!). She would love it in a light colour with dark letters – ‘emojis would be accepted but not essential’!

Matt our Engineer would love an ornament or scaled model from either the Predator or Alien films ?



General Office Requests

We’d love for someone to make us a Leadmill out of Lego. This obviously must include our neon sign!

We’re also all always hungry so we’d love someone to bring in a big office picnic – enough for 14 people!


Good luck Sheffield! ?


DONE! If you change your middle name to Leadmill – we will give you a gold card! This must be legally changed and on your ID! 


DONE!     Ben our Live Promoter and Production Supervisor is keeping it simple – he just wants a cool guitar strap!

DONE!     Beth our Marketing Queen would like something to display all of her photos at her desk – not just plain photo frames!

DONE!     Charlotte our Promotions Assistant is always cold at work – she’s after something to keep her warm at her desk!

DONE!     Chelsea our Live Promoter and Box Office Supervisor is a fan of everything tropical! She’d love a pair of fabulous flamingo slippers (size 5 please!)

DONE!      Chris our Operations Manager would like a spicy surprise! The hotter the better!

DONE!      Dan our Engineer just wants some jazzy slippers – size 8/9 please!

DONE!       Freya our Club Promoter is Sheffield’s biggest Christmas fan and so wants this exact Christmas tree costume. Accept no imitations.

DONE!       Jamie our Finance Assistant would like an interesting set of playing cards – the more obscure the better!

DONE!      Liam our Promotions Assistant is always wearing a hat – he’d love someone to bring him a Carharrt hat of some sort!

DONE!      Millie the Cockapoo would love a pretty dog bow (she’s not a fan of diamantes though)

DONE!       Rebecca our Live Promoter and her Greyhound Midge would love matching handmade scarfs!

DONE!      Red our Comedy Programmer would like a pack of heavy-gauge bass guitar strings please!

DONE!       Sam our Promoter is looking for someone to bring him a home-baked chocolate chip brioche loaf (specifically a tear-able loaf!)