How to get your very own Leadmill VIP or GOLD CARD!!!!

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  • Published 10.10.16


This includes FREE ENTRY to EVERY CLUB NIGHT for an ENTIRE YEAR along with Q-Jump for 5 of your friends!
If you come to every clubnight, that's nearly a £1000 SAVING!!!

And following last year's epic bribes, THIS YEAR we're giving away ONE GOLD CARD again to the person that impresses us the most...  (We're talking epic levels of creativeness and gumption...)

Gold Cards allow the holder and a friend FREE ENTRY to ANY EVENT for ONE WHOLE YEAR at The Leadmill. Gigs. Clubs. Comedy. Cinemy. Special events. THE LOT!

Here's how you can get your mits on one... Some are easy, some require imagination - Have a gander:

So here at The Leadmill, we're not above a little bribery. So, pick one, complete a task, and you may recieve a card!!!

 - Ian (manager) - He wants someone to design a Kraken tattoo that extends from the ribs to the lower right arm when standing but is also its own individual design in itself on both the arm and torso for him to get done.. DONE!

 - Elyse (brand manager) -  Elyse is a bit obsessed with her job role (as she should be!) Given her job role, she likes to stick The Leadmill logo everywhere!! She would like a unique item that is 100% Leadmill branded. We're not talking about an apple with a Leadmill sticker on it... We're thinking a beach towel with The Leadmill logo on (for my holidays) or a Range Rover with The Leadmill logo on (okay maybe she's pushing her luck...). But you get the gist!

 - Rebecca (live promoter) - So our live promoters' desk is a little bare and the office is a tad dull, so she wants to liven the place up with some wierd and wonderful plants! She loves all things botanical so help her bring a little of the outside into the office (DONE! Unless you want to buy her a fern!)

 - Mamie (HR) - Our HR gal would like a friend for her (tidy) desk. A mascot or ornament who can watch over her important filing system... DONE!

 - Jess (club promoter) - Nice and simple - A Christmas hamper please (must include CD of Christmas Bangers). DONE!

 - Chelsea (live assistant) - She's just signed a new lease on a house and would like an assortment of nice house things, such as candles, frames etc in metallic bronze/rose gold. Stay classy!

 - Ben (live assistant) - A "cool" selection of live gig posters to go around his desk please!

 - Chris (engineering manager) - Some kind of electronic instrument, weirder the better.

 - Sam (club assistant) - He would like a hand drawing of something Bowie related please! DONE!

 - Jazz (club assistant) - Jazz would like a velour tracksuit please! Size 8 If possible :) If it's customised you get extra brownie points...

 - Beth (club assistant) - Something Simpsons related please. (Shhh! She's a bit obsessed!!!) DONE!

 - Sarah (Finance) - The best 100% vegan homemade version of a Twix including wrapping! It's got to taste Twix-y not healthy!!

 - Charlotte (Intern) - Some sort of funky necklace, preferably handmade. Would like a short necklace, but not a choker and one that's not too heavy. Unusual ideas are encouraged.

 - Josh (engineering assistant) - This is a  biggie.... a hand-built custom snare drum from a independent drum manufacturer (local or national). It can can be any size, colour, shape, design and material. The wackier- the better! Just as long as it's practical and sounds good! 


 - FOR THE OFFICE - Someone to come in and put on a Fuddle for us... (a nice mix for both the carnivores & herbivores)

Deadline for entries is November 4th. The Leadmill Office is open 10am to 5pm, Mon to Friday.......