Tanyalee Davis - ...Actual Size

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  • Mon, 24.9.18 @ 19.00 Age: 14+
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Tanyalee Davis - ...Actual Size

Tanyalee Davis is the little lady with the big voice! Her TV credits include Live at The Apollo, The John Bishop Show, The Last Leg, I'm Spazticus and The Blame Game. She may be just 3-foot 6-inches tall, but Tanyalee’s gargantuan personality has ensured that she stands tall amongst the comedy greats. With a comedy profile that spans continents, Miss Davis leaves audiences reeling from her torrent of gags, feisty attitude and unique life-story. “… Actual Size” is an hour of Tanyalee’s most hard-hitting jokes mixed-in with a healthy dose of sidesplitting tales from the absolutely absurd adventures of a pint-sized punchline-purveyor.

“A master of physical punctuation”  THE LAS VEGAS SUN
“touch you, amaze you, entertain you hugely”, “cleverly crafted”, “Tanyalee is a punch-packing standup”  THE SCOTSMAN
“Tanyalee Davis is a punch-packing stand-up” KATE COPSTICK
“Tanyalee Davis is simply one of the funniest people I know. She has a unique view of the world and if you haven't seen her I urge to go, sit back, relax and laugh.” JOHN BISHOP

The show will include a support act Tony Wright.