The Doors…

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  • Published 11.05.16

No not the band...

To celebrate our birthday month of May, each year we will invite some of our favourite artists to paint our iconic front doors of The Leadmill. 

The Leadmill has been home to the creative arts for over 36 years and we see this as a great opportunity to showcase some of our favourite artists work every year. 

Our large barn doors have been here for many years and have hundreds of people walk through them each week, all ages from across the world.

In 2015 artist Pete Fowler created a colourful masterpiece on the doors to celebrate our 35th birthday and this year we have invited Florence Blanchard take over the doors. 

We're really looking forward to seeing what Florence Blanchard brings to The Leadmill doors this year, with her beginning work on the doors in the next few days. 

And we welcome your suggestions of artists to paint the doors in 2017...