Want to bag a VIP/GOLD Card? Here’s how you can get one!

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  • Published 24.10.17










This includes FREE ENTRY to EVERY CLUB NIGHT for an ENTIRE YEAR along with Q-Jump for 5 of your friends! If you come to every club night, that's nearly a £1000 SAVING!!!

And following last year's epic bribes, THIS YEAR we're giving away ONE GOLD CARD again to the person that impresses us the most...

Gold Cards allow the holder and a friend FREE ENTRY to ANY EVENT for ONE WHOLE YEAR at The Leadmill. Gigs. Clubs. Comedy. Cinema. Special events. THE LOT!

Here's how you can get your mitts on one... Some are easy, some require imagination - Have a gander:

So here at The Leadmill, we're not above a little bribery. Pick one, complete a task and you will receive a card!

- Ian (General Manager) – Ian would like someone to come into our box office and amaze him with a magic trick, you must also bring as many jelly tots as possible with you  (Done!)

- Rebecca (Live Promoter) – Rebecca is an avid fan of both cotton and nature documentaries, so naturally she would like a David Attenborough themed item of clothing

- Mamie (HR & FOH Manager) – Mamie would love a picture frame for her desk to pop lots of photos in, this one definitely gives you an excuse to go to IKEA

- Freya (Club Promoter) – Freya is a big gin lover and so wants a grey sweatshirt (size L) with a bottle of gin painted/printed/stitched/embroidered or sewn on the front. 

- Chelsea (Live Promoters Assistant) – Chelsea would like something fabulous and tropical themed, must not be tacky or shit

- Ben (Live Events Co-Ordinator) – As he is always losing them, Ben would love a box full of Sharpies  (Done!) 

- Chris (Operations Manager) – Chris would like a perpetual motion desk toy

Sam (Marketing Assistant) – Sam would like some funky piece of art, preferably A size and colourful

Beth (Marketing Assistant) – Beth is a vegetarian, and so would love a hamper full of Linda McCartney goodies! (Done!)

- Oli (Finance Assistant) – A rotisserie chicken. Yep, that’s all you have to bring.  (Done!)

Red (Comedy and Performing Arts Programmer) – Red has a My Little Pony doll on his desk and he’d like something else MLP themed to match it!

- Charlotte (Club Promoters Assistant) – Charlotte would like something Fleetwood Mac themed, weird and wonderful, unusual or rare.

- Josh (Engineer) – Okay if you manage this, hats off to you! 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck.

- Ella (PR Co-Ordinator) – Ella has a tortoise named Titus, he struggles a bit in the winter so she would love a little sweater for him.

- Matt (Engineer) – With the new film just around the corner, Matt would like something Star Wars themed (Done!)

- Dan (Engineer) – Dan would like some cool and funky wall art for his house


- We’d love someone to change their middle name to Leadmill!

-  We’re big food lovers and would love for someone to bring a picnic style buffet into the office one lunchtime!

Deadline for entries is December 5th. The Leadmill Office is open 10am to 5pm, Monday til Friday and is located just above the venue.......