Super Hans

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  • Fri, 24.11.17 @ 19.30 Age: 14+
  • £15.00
Super Hans

“Where else are you going to hear a big ketty beat laid over the top of Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles? You will dance, you will laugh, you will turn to one another in disbelief and weep tears of pure fuckin’ joy.”

Beloved Peep Show comedy hero Super Hans is joining us at The Leadmill for what promises to be a mega night of big beats – it will leave you asking your mates ‘is the bottom half of me on fire?’

“Already The Stuff of Legend” NME
“People like coldplay and voted for the Nazis.You can’t trust people” – Super Hans
“The longer the note, the more dread. Get ready for a 247 second long D” – Super Hans on DJing

Matt King spent fifteen years as a stand-up comedian in Australia before returning to the UK to be cast as the legendary Super Hans. He’s now proving himself to be an unmissable DJ – get your tickets now!

Choonz & jokes innit

+ FREE entry to Gaga afterwards!