Lonely Boy, Pilosa & Jack Chapman

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  • Fri, 13.1.17 @ 19.30 Age: 14+
  • £5.00
Lonely Boy, Pilosa & Jack Chapman

Lonely Boy 
Via a combination of harmonies, danceable rhythms and the odd blistering guitar solo Lonely Boy (and their previous guise of Seven Tors) cemented themselves as Sheffield favourites, receiving great acclaim for songs such as Dancing Feet and their Cathedral performance at Tramlines 2015.

Although reluctantly ending their time together the band have planned a worthy send-off, with a final gig at favourite venue The Leadmill and the release of two new songs acting as denouement to a few very fun years. Expect an extra emotional charge added to an evening of spontaneous dancing, sweet vocals and more hand-held percussion than you can shake a cowbell at.

If LCD Soundsystem, Run DMC and Nirvana had a baby, then everything we knew about science would be a lie.

Jack Chapman
“Long-time songwriter and musician, Sheffield-born but Nashville-minded, Jack has finally brought his solo work to the fore with his intimate & honest music, filled with a groove and flow brought to bear by over a decade of musical development.

From the early age of 13, Jack was already knee-deep in songwriting & performance, with those early musical adventures shaping his musical direction for years to come. Over 10 years later, this sound has been refined into the mature and accessible songs he presents at each live show.

Jack has also worked his way around the local music scene in recent years, having been part of several band lineups including current Blues-Rock Duo ‘Deaf Crows’, in addition to collaborations and studio-production work with many more Sheffield artists. In his solo acoustic set, he draws inspiration from these experiences, creating songs with a unique blend of Blues, Soul & Country that fans of John Mayer, D’Angelo or Keith Urban will understand.

With exciting announcements on the horizon, including a full-band lineup to enhance his solo show, 2017 is set to be a year of growth for this emerging talent.”