Club Tropicana

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  • Thu, 15.3.18 @ 23.00 Age: +18
  • £5.00
Club Tropicana

Get ready for a night to remember...

Club Tropicana WILL be your favourite night of the year!

Join us for a night filled with 80s pop, disco and timeless anthems! After all who doesn’t go mental when Africa by Toto comes on in a club?
This is one of those nights where you’ll never want to leave the dancefloor because it’s just banger after banger!

We’re taking over The Leadmill for the night and bringing the ULTIMATE beach vibes.
With wave projections on the stage, pink flamingos, surfboard signs, rubber duck quacktails & so much more!

“What the fuck was last night? Like I didn’t even know a club night could be that good???” - An example of a text you might receive from your new best mate the morning after Club Tropicana.
With a dedicated and cheap cocktail bar, those tiny umbrellas in every drink, hawaiian shirts & sunglasses, it is always summer at Club Tropicana!



£1.20 Vodka Mixers / £2 Doubles / £2 Cheeky Vimto / £2.50 JD / £2.70 Red Stripe

All with our Regulars Cards, just £3 at the bar!


Queue Jump Tickets  - £5 Available Now!

£2 Before 11:30pm

£4 NUS

£5 Normal

Also available: Leadmill Mug Also available: Leadmill Travel Mug Also available: 35th Anniversary Tote Bag