Bry plus Tessa Violet & Dave Giles

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  • Mon, 6.2.17 @ 19.30 Age: 14+
  • £10.00
Bry plus Tessa Violet & Dave Giles


On sale Friday 4th November 9am


Following the announcement of landing the sole support of 21 Pilots sold out European tour, the eagerly awaited debut album from Bry is now available for pre order on iTunes and Google Play. The eponymous album “Bry” contains 10 tracks including the previously released “Don’t Go Alone” and “You’re Alright” which Bry released on his own strong following across social channels this week.

With the help of producer Greg Wells (who has also worked with Adele, Pharrell Williams, Celine Dion and many more), singer-songwriter and part-time vlogger Bry created the album with upbeat tempos and affable melodies in Los Angeles earlier this year.
Bry’s story begins in down at heel Dublin pubs and clubs where he performed in a succession of bands before taking a notion to travel to every single country in the world. Setting up a YouTube channel (BriBryontour) to let family and friends know how he was getting on his travels, one late night abroad he uploaded a video of himself playing one of his own songs and everything changed.

Hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands new subscribers tuned in to hear his music. Forging a very real connection with his followers through personalised videos, Question and Answer web chats and specially curated online sessions, his confidence grew and his repertoire expanded.

The inaugural album from Bry is available for purchase November 11th on iTunes and Google Play