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  • Published 22.10.15 by Elyse Peacock


A little known fact about The Leadmill is that there are nine studios which throughout the years have been rented out to a variety of businesses within the cultural industries. Currently in situ are two artists, two fashion design companies, a tattooist and an events management company.


Skull and Bones Boys Club


Skull And Bones Boys Club is an independent clothing company/retail company/fashion brand based in Sheffield, England. With a screen made from an embroidery ring and a £40 deposit from co- owners Anthony Allen and Dean Milwain a small run of shirts were created and sold out almost instantaneously in the summer of 2011. Putting the money from the initial shirts back in to the company, using their home as a warehouse where they set about printing, dying and stitching everything themselves; literally living and breathing their trade and growing organically as they perfected it. After only six months, SABBC relocated to its studio at The Leadmill where it currently resides today. With influence from the ethics of the music scene they were raised on, everything is still created by hand in-house meaning that no single will ever be the same. Everything is unique.

Since their inception Skull And Bones Boys Club have hosted club nights and concerts, working closely with the local hardcore and metal scene as well as bands from further afield. The icing on the cake was a SABBC curated stage at the 2012 Tramlines Festival where the venue reached full capacity as soon at the doors opened. As things stand right now, SABBC is stocked in a variety of retailers across the country, the company is receiving major press and as each season goes by the range is becoming wider and more varied. 






The Creep Store




Eye Of The Storm Events


Festival event management service provider, with focus on artist liaison, production management and operations. Client events include Outlook and Dimensions, Boomtown Fair, and the Bloc Weekender.



Joe Frost Tattoo’s